Saturday, December 31, 2011

Two Thousand Twelve

New Years is a time when we look back at the past year and see all the things we did that year. It is also a time where we see our mistakes that we made and try and fix them for the next year. Most people make new years resolutions like, I will loose more weight, I will exercise this year more than last year, I will limit the time I spend on the internet etc. Which are good things to work on, but why not this year instead of making those kind of resolutions why not make resolutions that will impact in a greater way?
Why not let our 2012 resolutions be, I will read my Bible every day, Be kind to those around me, Think of others better than myself, why not have resolutions that can change you and the people around you.
Let 2012 be best year, and start by coming up with a few New Years resolutions to boost off the New Year in a great way!

Welcome 2012!


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  1. Hey Eden! You said you would do a guest post on my blog and I was wondering if you would do one of January the 9th. Is that okay? You can do it on any topic or I can tell you what topic if you cannot come up with one (if you pick your own I do have to a prove of the topic though =)