Thursday, January 26, 2012


The world is asleep under a bed of pure white snow, waiting, just waiting for spring to come. Fires burn in fireplaces, wood is stacked up by the door. Mittens, gloves, scarfs and woolen jackets scattered around waiting to be used by that cold little child who's mother insists he wear them. The streets are less crowded, stores have 50% off after Christmas sales. No more Ice Cream, beaches are closed, pools are too cold to be swum in. Yet in the midst of the cold and snow there is one shining hope, that spring will come again. The flowers will bloom, the grass will be green, the pools will be open, the surfers will be once again riding the waves and warm, sunny weather will be here once again.
~ Eden

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  1. I am enjoying the winter (well the weather not the things that are happening in the winter)

    Thanks for the sweet comments on the headers! I would be more than happy to make y'all one if y'all would like!

    Who designs y'alls blog?