Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Being Thankful

For Thanksgiving this past year, my grandparents challenged us to find 100 things we were thankful for. I though it would be easy to find 100 things. Once I wrote down the obvious like being thankful for food, my family, friends ect. It became hard. Really hard. It made me stop and think if I could not find things I was thankful for when I really thinking hard about it, do I have a normally thankful attitude? I started finding things to be thankful for where before I had skipped right over, like the dew on the grass, and how oil won't mix in the salad dressing making cool layers, ripples in the pond....
Being thankful is something we see less and less of in the world today. Lets change that. Start by writing down at least one think a day you are thankful for. Then thank all the people that do stuff for you. Like the waitress in the restaurant, the cashier at the gas station or grocery store. One time last year when we lived in a neiborhood, my brothers and sisters started putting flowers in our mailbox for the mail lady and wrote notes and taped them on the front of our mailbox for her. After that she would roll down her window every day and talk to us and ask us how we had been doing. Little things like that can make a big diffrence in a persons life.

So try and be thankful today and see what you can do to have a grateful attitude.   


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