Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July

My 4th was great! We had an awesome breakfast cooked by my awesome mom, then for lunch we grilled hamburgers and fries *win*win* and that night we shot fireworks in our yard.

We have a big pond in front of our house, and so we decided we would put the big fireworks on the bank so they would explode over the pond. Not a smart move..
My brother (giving my brother a firework was not a smart move either) set the firework on the edge of the pond and lit it. The firework was one of those huge, loud, go really high kind so the force of the 1st shot sent the firework rolling down the hill into the pond, The fireworks came shooting right at me. I starting screaming! :P It scared me, but anyways it finally rolled all the way down the hill and landed in the pond, so only 1/2 the fireworks shot before they got all wet. It was tragic. It almost ruined my 4th. But the giant sparklers cured that......

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