Friday, August 31, 2012

The Mower and the Snake

A tragic story that befell Yours Truly...

I was cutting our grass last weekend with our new- really-cool-zero-turn mower. I was riding along. Cutting the grass. yada.yada.yada Well, I decided I would cut the grass around our Chicken Coop/ Future Horse Pasture (hopefully) when I got stuck in the mud. Only I would cut the grass, in a field, right after the rain. But anyway. I got stuck and my dad had to come fish me out of the "mud of dispare" as I called it. So, I went on cutting the field. yada. yada. yada. Then I got stuck again. Ooops. So I looked down to see if there was a way out of the mud without having to inform my dad I was in the "mud of dispare" again. I looked down and right before my very eyes. Was a snake. I am deathly afraid of snakes. So, I did the only thing a girl can do when she stuck in a field on a lawn mower pinned by a snake. I screemed ( and screamed and I was accused of crying too. I mean I was scared. People cry when they are scared. Right?) My sister finally came to my rescue and got my Dad to come over and kill the snake with a stick.
Redneck I know. I can't help how my family behaves.  :)



  1. aww the poor snake! :(
    I wish he wouldn't have killed it! :'(

    1. We live out in the country and the snake population is so high we have to get ride of some. They eat all our chicken's eggs!

  2. Aack, snake! I thought this story was about how you killed a snake with a lawn mower. :P