Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bokeh Contest

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Hey Y'all long time no post. Sorry! Katherine is having a Bokeh Challange!

I have no Bokeh pictures that aren't edited, so I had to resort to plan B. I bad picture.
But you know, it's not the worst picture ever. Or, it kind of is.....
*Katherine, you need to have an edited contest soon. I never have any unedited pictures, so it's hard for me to enter your contest!*


  1. That's a good picture Eden! :)

    P.S. You asked when you could post. Go to the post schedule page and tell me which day you want. :)
    And then that day will be your day to post.

  2. Hi Eden!
    Wanted to let you know about a few giveaways at my blog! I also started following this blog, and was wondering if you could follow me back?
    Last thing:P I have a photo challenge going on and I would be delighted if you would enter!