Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Yes, it's tragic, my iPhoto on my computer is gone. I have no idea where it went or how it left but it is not there anymore. I can't load any pictures onto the computer until it gets fixed. It's terrible.... At first I thought all my pictures were gone too but I found them! :)

I am lovin' the spring weather people! It's amazing. We've been going to the beach a lot and yesterday we turned on the sprinklers in our yard and ran around like 5 year olds! :P Peyton was out at the beach for a week about a month ago and took some AMAZING pictures. I'll have to drag her onto her computer to post some later.

School is killing me! I have exams for Science in a few weeks and I'm sure I will fail them. I am so not science minded, unlike my Dad who is so science minded! So is my sister. I don't know why I can't get it. But I don't so too bad.

Should I have a Picture Print giveaway? Where I giveaway one of the pictures I have taken? I'm just not sure I will have very many entries because we don't have very many followers yet. What do you think???

One last thing! Next week will be having a guest poster on this blog! I would love for you to guest post. Just comment and tell me if you want to!

Take lots of pictures and enjoy the weather! :)



  1. This has happened to me!! I can help you!!! :D go to desktop(should be the "app" on the farrrr left) and then go to applications, look/find iPhoto, and then drag it down to where the other "apps" are. help any??

    1. Thanks Elisha.:) I've had to do that a few times too, but this time it's really GONE! My dad called the Apple people and they are going to fix it for me!