Thursday, May 24, 2012

Peyton's Pictures

Hello y'all! This is Peyton, I know you are probably surprised to see me! Now that school is finally out I have the time to post more often. I, like Eden, am SO into photography and am trying to get better at it. Last month we went to Folly Beach on vacation and I got some really good pictures. The other ones are just random photo shoots of my little siblings throughout the week.

                                                     Mama and Micah
                                Eden, the sweetest little girl on planet earth!
                                                   Is he a cutie or what?!
                                                I like Treasure's reflection
                                                 Josiah LOVED the beach!

                                                        Anna Grace
                                            I think this one is cool
                                              Cutest little guy ever!!

                                                       She loves to pose
                                               Eden and Raggedy Anne
                                                   Farah Beth and Noah
                                                  She is so photogenic!
                                                           Poor cat!
                                                       One of my favorites!

  More pictures coming soon!



  1. That's my cat!! :) I wuv u Peyton!

  2. these are great! the one with eden and raggedy anne is my absolute favorite. :) i hope you are having a awesomesauce weekend!


  3. Aww, I've always thought that you have the cutest little siblings. Farah Beth looks so cute and grown up, but just as sweet.